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Talking to a Lawyer: Your To-Do-List

Building rapport starts from the moment you talk with a certain lawyer. Besides, effective communication between a lawyer and a client is one prerequisite for a successful case outcome.


It takes two to tango, as what they say. Thus, you need to establish a good teamwork with your lawyer to follow the rhythm of the legal problem well.


What are the modes you should set when you speak with a lawyer:


  1. Tell a story

Talk to a lawyer about your situation as if you’re telling a story. State the beginning, the plot, conflict, and conclusion. Or simply, present every strip of details significant to your legal case. This way, a lawyer can have a second-hand experience and a more vivid picture of what really happened.


Therefore, they can empathize with you, can clearly understand your disposition, and immediately conclude what type of legal help they should give.


  1. Don’t talk nonsense

You can open everything to your lawyer only if those are legally significant. Not all you think important are necessary as well for them to know. If you think a piece of information will not help, leave it out temporarily. Then, you can just talk about it later on if the lawyer asks questions relating to it.


  1. Understand the differing levels of emotions

If you’re angry and frustrated, should your lawyer feel the same way? You can’t expect this to happen because this should not happen to begin with. Your lawyer should remain clear-headed and calm to act in a professional and rational manner. They still have to analyze your situation and come up with a strategic plan to get the best out of your case. Also, they should watch your actions and words which can ruin the progress.


  1. Give and take

Compromise should come from both you and your lawyer. When your lawyer is talking, it’s time for you to stay put and listen attentively. Same way if you have something to say. It’s a “give and take” rule. The team can’t effectively work out the case if everyone speaks at the same time. Also, if your lawyer suggests a solution or option, take it into consideration. You can speak your mind too. State your opinions and views. Thereafter, you can have a clear direction of where your case is going.


  1. Ready, get set

Be prepared to answer queries from your lawyer. To do this, gather documents before you meet with a lawyer. Prepare everything which you think they would require from you to understand your case better. Moreover, create a list of topics you want to discuss. This will help them give you clear advice and legal options.


Now, go and meet with a lawyer. Start your legal fight the right way with the proper method of interaction between you and a lawyer. Consequently, good things will follow once you get the hang of each other. Besides, it is hard to destroy a solid bond within a team.


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