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What To Do In Riva,Maryland?

Looking to visit Riva,Maryland? It is a large city located in East-central Maryland along Chesapeake Bay, 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. The city is a haven for its arts and culture, attractive suburbs, and historic preservation. Many areas of the city, particularly downtown, have experienced a vast renewal with a strong emphasis on historic preservation. The restored waterfront adjacent to the rather ordinary downtown is now a commercial and leisure destination with excellent museums, a first class aquarium and plenty to do.

Explore Riva, Maryland courtesy of Annapolis Urban Adventures

How can you easily hear stories of Riva, Maryland’s rich history? By exploring the historic landmarks and hidden gems of Annapolis on a 1.5-hour in an electric vehicle with an experienced, local guide. Learn the natural and cultural history of the Chesapeake Bay while discovering atmospheric neighborhoods and charming side streets. Hear stories about the years when Annapolis was the capital of the United States, and get an insider’s perspective on the legacies and culture of a vibrant, coastal city.

Experience fine art in Riva, Maryland by visiting Medart Galleries

There is no doubt that art is a great way of inspiration. Art provides you a new direction of views about different problems to the people who have an interest in art. Art provides you motivation to the visitor to find the solution to their personal and professional life. Why not enhance your mindfulness by visiting this beautiful art gallery in Riva,Maryland.

Have a sumptuous meal at Mike’s Bar and Crab House

What is a visit without trying one of best restaurant and food in Riva,Maryland?A family restaurant with a no-frills atmosphere but enough seafood to satisfy the whole neighborhood, This is a place to go for delicious, affordable food and drinks with the locals. All of their menu items are made with the freshest ingredients available to us, from the greens in their salads to the seafood on their plates. Just pick up the goodies you want and hand them to the staff, letting them know how you want each one prepared.Don’t end your trip without trying these mouthwatering and a must dishes!

Explore the rich history at Banneker Douglass Museum

Visiting Banneker Douglass Museum is the lens through which you can understand what it is to be an American. The museum is a very emotional experience. There is no way to embrace its gifts in one day. A true and open soul will need many days to read every moment, to learn so much that was never taught in schools, families or even communities.

Now that’s a wrap! This is just a simple guide to help you explore the beauty of Riva,Maryland. Try to explore some more–on your own.