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Seek Help from a Capable Debt Collection Abuse Lawyer in Riva, Maryland

Don’t Be Afraid to Fight for Your Rights as a Consumer


Riva, Maryland is a city that’s a haven for arts and culture, attractive suburbs, and historic preservation. The downtown area of the city experienced a vast renewal with a strong emphasis on historic preservation. Being a small and quiet town, it’s become home for families who want to live a simple life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


But even with the peace and comfort that comes with Riva, there are some rare instances wherein creditors can take advantage of debtors. Having a huge amount of debt could disrupt the serene lifestyle you want out of Riva, Maryland.


However, even if that’s the case, you should be allowed to get back on your feet and repay your debts. But when creditors take advantage of the fact that you’re not familiar with the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA), then they’ll relentlessly, and illegally, pursue you.


Take Action and Know Your Rights as a Consumer


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a law that limits the actions and behavior of debt collectors who are trying to collect debts on behalf of an entity. If this law is violated, a collector can be sued for damages and legal fees within one year of the violation under the state or federal court.


This law protects you from the following:




Collectors are prohibited from oppressing or harassing you or your family members when collecting your debt. They are also not allowed to publish lists of consumers who haven’t paid their debts. Should this happen, you can send a desist letter to the collector saying that the harassment is against federal and state law.


False Statements


Collectors are not allowed to lie to collect any debt, like for example, stating they are part of the credit reporting agencies or the likes.




Debt collectors are forbidden from pretending to be someone else when collecting a debt. Know that if the impersonate a police officer, it’s illegal in many jurisdictions.


Unfair Practices


Debt collectors are prohibited from engaging in unfair debt collection practices by initiating any attempt to collect more than what you actually owe.


Misleading Threats


Collectors are not allowed to threaten you with any legal action that’s not permitted.


Wage Garnishments


It’s illegal for collectors to garnish wages or bank accounts without a court order. This judgment directs a bank or employer to turn over funds or wages just to pay the debt. Even so, most federal benefits are exempt from garnishment.


Misleading Correspondence


It’s prohibited for debt collectors to give false information about you to anyone, including a credit reporting agency. They’re also not allowed to send you fake court orders or government documents.


You Have the Right to Sue if This Happens to You


Being a debt collection abuse attorney for many years, we’ve helped many consumers gain control of the situation and fight back against any malpractices from third-party debt collectors. Sometimes, when debt collection abuse happens, it’s also been revealed to be identity theft.


Hence, if you require legal assistance for your case, don’t be afraid to reach out to a reputable debt collection lawyer in Riva, Maryland.


Baneylaw, P.C. Bankruptcy and Consumer Law has assisted numerous victims of debt collection abuse in resolving their case. We fight for the rights of consumers. He is also a bankruptcy attorney and background check attorney. Furthermore, Nathan D. Baney can also help you with cases concerning identity theft and credit report errors.


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