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Preparing for Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation

Before meeting a bankruptcy attorney, you must also prepare significant matters about your case. Through a consultation, an attorney studies your whole financial situation and evaluates if bankruptcy is the best option to solve your debt issues.


An attorney will primarily ask your reason for considering filing bankruptcy. They ask such question to identify what bankruptcy chapter in the Bankruptcy Code will give you the debt relief you want, whether it’s Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Here are the things you should do and prepare before meeting a bankruptcy attorney for consultation:


  1. Prepare to answer the attorney’s questions

Expect a lot of questions from an attorney. They do so to understand and know your case well, then give you a clear advice of what to do next. Do not answer in a vague way, instead be specific with your statements.


Instead of saying that your debts are piling and it frustrates you, try to go into details. Try to look if like your creditor took money from your bank account or your home’s in foreclosure. This will greatly help your attorney to pinpoint a unique aspect and build a strong strategy.


  1. Prepare to answer with all honesty

Honesty is very important when you work with an attorney in any kind of legal case. You must be ready to disclose confidential information to avoid wrong assessments later on.


An attorney might ask you some personal questions such as your family size, income, and assets, your debts, as well as your recent purchases and property transfers. From personal questions, it will break down to tiny bits of information such as the amount of money you make, your married life, or your end goal for your bankruptcy case.


  1. You have to gather significant documents

If you want your bankruptcy case to be processed immediately, make sure to gather necessary documents before you meet with a bankruptcy attorney. Say, for example, you may need to bring two years of filed tax returns, seven months of bank statements, recent copies of your mortgage and vehicle loan statements, or a copy of your life insurance policy.


  1. Write down questions you want to ask

It is very helpful to take down the questions you want to ask from a bankruptcy attorney. Think carefully and be direct when you formulate questions. Do not be anxious and just ask everything you want to know about your case. From the beginning, you might ask what chapter of bankruptcy your case belongs to, will it erase all your debts, will you lose some properties, what are the consequences if you do this and that, how much is the fee, and the likes.


A good bankruptcy attorney should be willing to listen and answer all your concerns. He/She should talk about your case in a patient, unhurried and sincere manner. If you feel that you are speaking to the wrong person or being around him/her bothers you, then prepare to consult another one. You should consider first your convenience before hiring an attorney.


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