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The Suburban Beauty Of Parole MD

Have you ever been to Maryland? If yes, you must’ve heard about this beautiful suburban of Annapolis called Parole. If not yet, then you should really think about including the community on your travel list to the state. There’s only one thing you should know about Parole. It’s a great place to visit just like as it’s a great place to live in. So, what does this little suburban beauty have for you?

Here’s a short list of places to visit and things to see near and around Parole, Maryland:


1. Quiet Waters Park


From the name of the park itself, it surely is relaxing. Also, it’s a place for people of different ages, from kids to adults. You can enjoy a refreshing walk along the trails heading into the forests and grassy fields, and the youngsters can spend their time playing at the playground.

Do the park offers rentals?

Yes! There are actually covered outdoor pavilions (large and small) complete with grills and picnic tables which you can rent even for large events such as weddings and corporate parties. One of the best highlights of the park is their series of concerts from May through August. Just make sure to check online for more details.

What activities does the park offers?

How about outdoor ice skating? Sounds fun, right? Quiet Waters Park has an ice rink and offers skate, helmet and walker rentals. There’s also a designated room for parties and gatherings. Lastly, the water activities at Quiet Waters Park are not calm. They will excite you. You can go kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and more.


2. Broad Creek Park

This is not just another park. It offers a different feel. This time, you can savor nature at its finest because the park offers a pure and natural area. Thus, it’s a perfect place to unwind, meditate and for soul searching. Lay your picnic blanket, lie down, close your eyes, and listen to the glorious sound of rustling leaves and birds chirping. Or, you can bring your favorite playlist with you and stroll around following the 2-mile soft trail. The park is actually open very early in the morning until dusk.


3. Generals Highway Corridor Park


Again, Generals Highway Corridor Park is not just another park. Yes, you can still pursue your picnic plans with your loved ones. Yet this time, you can enjoy some more physical activities because the park has designated areas for sports such as multipurpose fields, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and a playground for the little ones.


4. Bell Branch Park

Bell Branch Park is a haven for the children because it offers numerous slides, swings, a railed bridge, a sandbox area, monkey bars, and a fireman’s pole. A public restroom is available when the athletic fields around the park is in use. Also, you can find a vending machine for drinks and a water fountain. If you just want to sit down and relax, Bell Branch Park has a covered pavilion with picnic tables.

There is still a lot of places to explore in Parole. This list is just a glimpse, so make sure to find out more and make your travel worth it.

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