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Do You Need A Law Firm’s Help In Filing Bankruptcy?

It takes great courage and preparation when you decide to file bankruptcy without an attorney. You must have made a thorough researched about how to file, the cost and fees, or maybe you gathered ideas when you went to a free initial consultation.


Well, if you spent a month reading law books and other sorts regarding bankruptcy, do you think it could help you? How does it differ if you hire a law firm who has been providing legal services for five or 10 years now? Who handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases and knows every nook and cranny of the court’s flow? What do you think, can that law firm help you?


Think about it over and over again if can you really do it alone. Here are some questions you should ask when considering to file for bankruptcy without a law firm’s help:


  1. Do you have enough time to gather credit reports from credit bureaus?

Let us assume that you’re willing to allocate adequate time to get your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Do you know how to review the documents and ensure that the data is accurate? Now you have to ponder about this because once you fail to report a certain debt, it won’t be discharged in bankruptcy.


  1. Do you have enough time to study again?

If you think that filing for bankruptcy is all about filing, gathering documents, and defending – you’re wrong. If you want to do the job on your own, you must complete a credit management and financial literacy course 180 days before filing. With this, you need to find a government-approved credit counseling agency.


  1. Are you ready to deal with a whole bunch of paperwork?

This sounds easy, right? But the truth is, this part is the most complicated and time-consuming for people like you who chose to do it all alone. You should be ready for more sleepless nights in finding and attaching relevant documents for each paperwork and submit all personally or by mail. Also, be ready to respond immediately to all correspondence from a bankruptcy trustee. If you fail to comply, your case is automatically dismissed.


  1. Are you ready to spend a long time for meetings with your creditors?

Your trustee will be interested in your case if it happens that you didn’t list everything properly such as non-exempt assets. With this, expect that they will ask for additional documents such as copies of tax returns, house papers, car papers and bank account statements. They will also examine your paperwork and will ask a lot of questions which will result in longer meetings with creditors. But, if you have hired a law firm, you can avoid the stress talking to all of them.


In every state, there is always a certain value of assets left for a debtor in a bankruptcy. So to obtain this privilege, better file bankruptcy with a law firm’s help who exactly knows the dos and don’ts and how to avoid pitfalls during the legal process.


Are you ready to represent your bankruptcy case in the court all by yourself?


You don’t have to do it alone. Find a bankruptcy law firm who is sincere and committed to providing the best service for people like you. Visit Baneylaw, P.C. at 2121 Eisenhower Ave #200, Alexandria, VA 22314 or just contact 571-620-6715.


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