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Things to Do in Homeport Farm Park

Homeport Farm Park is a grassy locality in Edgewater, Maryland. It’s located 6.4 miles from Annapolis, Maryland. Thus, if you’re within the area, you should try and visit this recreation park and experience what nature has to offer there.

How to get there

From Annapolis, take the Solomon Island Road to Aris T. Allen Boulevard and continue until you reach MD-665 East. Turn right onto Homeport Drive. Continue to the end of Homeport Drive, turn around and turn right onto the gravel drive.

Thinking of moving in the area

They say that if you live near a park, then you’re most likely happy. Homeport Farm Park takes its name from a nearby neighborhood called Homeport Farm. If you are looking for peace and tranquility in the beautiful setting of Madison County this is the place for you. This well-established community has homes that are competitively priced. More and more research shows a relationship between green space and higher levels of mental health. Those places with more trees tended to be happier, and the association was “significant and sizable.”

Places to go and things to do


Start hiking at Homeport Farm Park by putting on special boots, clothing and strapping on a backpack. But please make sure you have everything you need to really enjoy your walk in this nature reserve park. Part of the joy of being out is to take in the scenery and the sounds. You’re not in a race; it’s called hiking for a reason. This area has inspired people for generations, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t do the same for you.


Homeport Farm Park offers an excellent bird-watching haven for you. There is a nice trail that circles the ponds which overlook a marshland. This body of water provides a habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds. You will find no problem as the trail is made up of gravel, which is generally flat and moderately accessible for wheelchairs. Take your time, drink in the views, keep your eyes open for animals and birds, enjoy the silence or the burble of a river.


Get out your camping gear and load your kayaks and canoes. But be advised! Plan your exploration of all the nooks and crannies of Homeport farm park. Paddlers need not to worry as the parking space is quite decent and you can easily carry your kayak from there. It’s just 100 yards down to the water. Canoes and kayaks have access to Church Creek, which enters the South River. The South River has many small creeks to explore, many have waterfowl as well as both permanent homes and vacation cottages with private dockage.

By the way, Homeport Farm Park opened as an unimproved countryside park in 2014 and immediately became popular with kayakers, kayak anglers, and birdwatchers. The park closed for improvements last fall but has reopened scheduled last June 20.

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