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Find a Background Check Lawyer in Harwood, Maryland to Fix Your Background Check Errors


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Harwood, Maryland is a small town found in Anne Arundel County. It’s notably home of the Thanksgiving Farm Winery where you can taste freshly made, European-style wines. It’s south to Annapolis on Maryland Route 2.


Residents of Harwood, Maryland are not exempt from situations of background check errors. It’s important that you resolve your background check errors as it will hinder you from getting the job, loan, or rent you want.


Employers and landlords will run a background check to see if you’re either qualified for the job or not a suspicious character residing in their property.


What You Should Know About the Background Check Process


With your permission, employers and landlords are going to review your credit report, checking your information on employment, driving, criminal, previous tenancies, and credit history.


When they check your credit reports, they assess your address, credit payment history, and public records. This includes records of your bankruptcies, judgments, and liens.


Your employers are able to use reports to either promote, terminate, or re-assign you. Landlords, on the other hand, can reject your application to reside in their property if they use your records against you.


So, having a background check error is a very big deal.


The Responsibilities of Your Employer or Your Landlord When They Deny Your Application Due to Your Credit Report


If your employer or landlord uses your credit report to deny your tenancy or employment, they must show you the report, known as “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act” and tell you how to get a copy of the report. Know that you can request a free credit report so as long as you request it within 60 days of receipt of the job or housing denial.


Should you have a dispute, you can send a letter to the credit reporting agency who provided inaccurate information. Should your dispute be accepted, they send the report to your employer or landlord.


What Happens if You Do Get a Background Check Error?


When credit reporting agencies or your employer does not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they can be sued for money damages. Through the FCRA, landlords and employers can be held liable for these violations:


  • Their failure to acquire the applicant’s permission before getting a credit report or other background report
  • The inability to give the employee or tenant timely and adequate disclosures
  • The unableness to provide pre-adverse action notices to employees or tenant applicants


Has Your Employer or Tenant Violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act?


When this happens to you, you should act right away. You should get legal assistance from a capable background check lawyer in Harwood, Maryland who is well-versed in the practice of consumer law.


Being a background check attorney, Baneylaw, P.C. Bankruptcy and Consumer Law has helped numerous consumers resolve their background check errors and file lawsuits against employers and landlords who have violated the FCRA. Nathan D. Baney is also a bankruptcy attorney and has even helped many individuals resolve cases of identity theft and credit report errors.


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