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Attractions to Visit in Harwood, Maryland

So, you’re planning for the perfect weekend getaway. This usually happens when you feel that the neighborhood you have been living in has become a routine. A short little trip out of your comfort zone can do wonders for you. Usually, people tend to go to more popular places, right? Forget about that! There are a lot of smaller communities that offer breathtaking scenery compared to the bright lights of the big city.

One favorite getaway that you should visit is Harwood, Maryland. It has a small-town charm boasting of diverse terrains, natural splendors and historic sites. Below are the top attractions you want to see in Harwood, Maryland. How many do you think you can see in just one weekend getaway?

Thanksgiving Farm Winery

The pleasing town of Harwood, Maryland is home to one of the most beautiful wineries in South Annapolis. Thanksgiving Farm Winery exclusively grows their own grapes and makes them into a specialized European-style of dry wine. The farm is located between a ridge near the West River and Patuxent River. Their tasting room is open from April to November.

Montpelier Farms

Montpelier Farms is Harwood, Maryland’s agritourism hub. It’s located in the Prince Georges Country area and has helped domestic agritourism rise in the area. A visit to the farm will give you an appeal of open space, starry skies, fragrant meadows and adorable animals. A quick escape to the farm will unplugged you to the hyperconnected society wherein you will have a longing for simpler times. Think: Organic gardens, chicken coops, beehives, fruit orchards and verdant pastures for cattle to graze. You can explore all of these activities in the woods, by the pond, and at the market. The 7-acre farm also holds an annual fall festival with themes varying year by year. Nevertheless, it’s all about you and your family having hayrides, pumpkin patches, petting farms and flashlight nights activities.

Tulip Hill Plantation House

Tulip Hill was built during the 1700s. It is a plantation house that has become a National Historic Landmark in Harwood, Maryland. Visiting a plantation house will tell you the whole story of its past history because it is not just an estate wherein crops such as cotton,sugar, and tobacco are cultivated through forced labor.

Wooton’s Landing Wetland Park

Another exciting attraction that Harwood, Maryland has to offer is Wooton’s Landing Wetland park. If your specials interests are museums, fishing piers, and swimming pools – then this place is for you. The 140-acre park is an amazing sanctuary of various species. You can find American Kestrels to Eastern Ribbon Snakes to White Ibis’s roaming freely in the wetlands.

You’ve just discovered that Harwood, Maryland is a community with a style all its own. Whether you want to visit wineries or relax on the sun – the important thing is you’ve ditched the crowded scene even just for a short time. So, what will be your next plan for the weekend?