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Top Attractions That You Should Visit in Edgewater MD

There’s no right or wrong way to travel. When it comes to visiting a Edgewater, Maryland you must prioritize what you want to do and see. But how you go about doing that can mean the difference between an average trip and a life-changing one! Edgewater,Maryland is home to a number of parks and heritage sites, so there are plenty of beautiful things to see here.

Because you’re not rushing from one place to the next, you can sit on a park bench and take it all in for a while. You can even strike up a conversation and ask for recommendations from people who know the city best. You might even be exposed to unfamiliar cultures and new types of people that you can learn and grow from.

Historic London Town & Gardens

Twenty-three acres of pristine gardens, historic property, and sweeping waterfront views offer a romantic atmosphere to celebrate with family and friends in Edgewater, Maryland. Established in 1683, people have been hosting events for more than 330 years, enjoying the rustic charm of a peaceful and elegant setting. Luscious gardens provide an unparalleled backdrop of picturesque, year-round blooms.

Quiet Waters Park

If you’re looking to stretch your legs in a picturesque place, Quiet Waters Park is the place to do it.Its 340 acres in Edgewater, Maryland contain everything from a 6-mile paved path, perfect for bike rides or jogs, to formal gardens, ideal for a stroll. You’ll also find a sculpture garden and gallery that will appeal to art lovers, as well as a playground, where children can work out their wiggles. In the summertime, there are outdoor concerts and canoes and kayaks to rent; and in the winter, an ice rink appears. The park’s South River Scenic Outlook is another favorite spot, as it offers a panoramic view of the South River.

Great Frogs Winery

For those unfamiliar with the area, finding the winery can be a bit of a challenge in Edgewater, Maryland. After passing subdivisions, family farms and a small wooded area, the narrow road eventually leads to a small vineyard capped by a historic, former tobacco barn – which contains a small tasting room – and a modern wine-making facility.

The property that Great Frogs sits on was a former farm that surrounds the current tasting room, which was a tobacco barn at one point in time. The property itself is actually surrounded on three sides by the Chesapeake Bay, which benefits the vineyards with a nice ocean breeze to protect their vines from frost and humidity and provides them with a sandy loam soil.The vineyard itself was planted back in 1999 with Bordeaux varietals.

When you get lost in a city like Edgewater, Maryland, you see how locals go about their daily lives: The stores they own, the places they shop, the ways they talk and the foods they eat. It’s by observing them that you realize how you’re both alike and different.

Wandering around gives you the freedom to see how a city works on the human level. Does the unseen appeal of Edgewater, Maryland surprise you? Now it the right time you plan your trip there!