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Credit Report Lawyer: Fix Your Credit

Yes, in some ways you can fix your credit report yourself. However, having a credit report lawyer by your side will save you from future problems and diving again into the complex process of fixing your credit report.


These damages are the type that shouldn’t be ignored, apart from its time-consuming and frustrating nature, it can make or break your chance to get a job or acquire a loan. So, errors in your credit should be fixed immediately and accurately because it lowers your credit scores which leads to higher interest rates or worst you’ll be denied of a credit in the future.


What is the purpose of credit repair?

Credit repair is the legal method to clean up negative entries on your credit report and improve credit score along the process.


How can a credit report lawyer help you?

Hiring a lawyer to fix your credit is a wise decision because they also help lessen your frustrations by executing all needed actions for the success of your case. They do a lot of tasks which include:

  • After your lawyer will ask recent copies of your credit report, he/she will analyze potential errors by reviewing them to come up with helpful ways to improve your credit score
  • Set appointments and negotiate with concerned agencies to remove negative entries in your credit reports such as late payments, clerical errors, and foreclosures.
  • Arrange a deal or propose settlement amounts with your creditors.
  • Your credit report lawyer stands as your legal representation in the court if your creditor decided to sue you.
  • Also gives you advice on how to make sure and maintain the correct status of your credit report such as how to keep track of it.


Do you think you can do all those tasks on your own? Maybe yes, but not efficiently, considering the amount of time needed for a series of phone calls and correspondence to credit bureaus. Also, a high level of legal expertise is important to know how to protect your rights as a consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


How to identify a false credit report lawyer?

To avoid more complications, find a credible and trusted lawyer. Check out these practices of a false credit report lawyer:

  • Asks payment before performing the job
  • Sells a new social security number to you
  • Does not explain beforehand your legal rights when discussing the services he/she offers
  • Gives advice on falsifying or wiping out certain information in your credit application


Hiring the wrong person to help you with your credit report mistakes will obviously result in bad events because you may be held liable for an illegal action which is done by them on your behalf.


It is understandable that you can be a little hesitant in getting a credit report lawyer – maybe because of fear of expenses, but wait until you see the perks you get.


Worry no more with Baneylaw, P.C., because we most understand the rights of our clients. With our years of experience, we make sure to give the best service you deserve.


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