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Consulting A Bankruptcy Attorney: What to Expect

You decided to hire a bankruptcy attorney to deal with your bankruptcy case and it’s your first time. Of course, you are oblivious of how does it work, what should you do, or what an attorney will do for you and how can he/she help you.


To give you a tip, it is wise to conduct an interview first with an attorney which is considered the initial consultation phase. This way, you can determine if a certain attorney is a good match for you and if the charge is reasonable.


But, what really happens during an initial consultation? Should you bring or prepare something? Here are some points of what to expect when consulting a bankruptcy attorney:


  1. Expect a face to face meeting

You should expect that after scheduling a consultation, you will have a personal meeting with an attorney regarding your case.


In most cases, meetings usually take place at the attorney’s office. In this setup, an attorney will get to ask you questions that you should answer honestly and in full details. You are also free to ask questions, especially if you read a list of FAQ’s beforehand which is a very practical move.


  1. Expect a snapshot of legal discussions

After an attorney gets the details and specific information about your case, he/she will analyze and then give you a glimpse of what will happen involving legal matters. What are the possible legal implications and the defense you can use to solve it, possible outcomes and penalties? Moreover, an attorney will frankly point out your advantage, as well as the weakness of your case.


  1. Expect that an attorney will expect questions from you

Of course, you have questions as well, especially on the legal part because the law is a complex matter and average people don’t really know how the court works. So don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially the important ones like how will you keep in touch, or will he/she represent you in the court if the situation calls for it. So, to make sure that you can ask all the questions you want to ask, prepare a list beforehand.


  1. Expect to discuss legal fees

A good attorney will give you an estimation of possible legal charges and what are those charges for. Here, an attorney will state the fee arrangement he/she prefers – whether it’s a flat fee or hourly rate. Expect also a legal services agreement where you are obliged to sign if you happen to hire a certain attorney.


  1. Expect that an attorney may refuse to handle your case

Attorneys do not accept all cases they encounter because they also have things to consider to properly and effectively defend their clients. One of the things they look for is that they are comfortable with the client and vice versa to communicate effectively where a client will entrust all information to him/her.


An initial consultation can help you with a lot of things. You can properly assess an attorney to find a good match for you and you’ll have an initial idea of what will happen to your bankruptcy case.


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