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Find Someone Capable of Defending Your Rights as a Consumer in Churchton, MD

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Located near Deale, Maryland, you can find beautiful seascapes in the quiet town of Churchton, MD as well. With the atmosphere of a quiet and peaceful town, many families tend to settle in these places to have a place where their children can grow and see beautiful sceneries that nature has to offer. 


However, amidst the placid haven that this small town has to offer, it does not exempt residents from falling victim to consumer rights violations, like identity theft and debt collection abuse.


Are You a Victim of Debt Collection Abuse? 


Usually, individuals would be in a panic when debt collectors come to their door, and they still need time to pay for our debt. But when collectors get too impatient and they use several tactics to get you to pay up, perhaps you’re still unaware of the limitations that they have with regard to collecting a debt.


If the collector pursues you constantly and you’ve already told them you need time to pay, we encourage you to avoid providing them any personal or financial information. Oftentimes, these individuals could use your information to commit identity theft.


Instead, ask them the following questions:

  • What company are they from?
  • Who are you speaking to?
  • What amount do you owe?


Being a debt collection abuse attorney in Churchton, MD, we’ve seen numerous individuals affected by third-party debt collectors who do not follow the limitations set to them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). 


When your relatives have been involved or when they have gone so far as to dangerously threaten you, you can seek legal help and file a complaint to the court. Find the right debt collection abuse lawyer in Churchton, MD to represent you in court. 


Have You Fallen Prey to Identity Theft? 


When transactions have become more convenient through credit cards, Paypal, and the like, cases of identity theft have increased. As hackers continue to find new ways to steal information from consumers, you must be vigilant when providing your personal and financial information to any E-commerce website. 


But when instances do occur that you have become a victim of identity theft, what will you do? Your first instinct would probably be to contact the company from where the transaction was from, but sometimes, they won’t notice your complaint unless you seek legal help from a professional. 


Hence, you must find the right identity theft attorney who has experience in handling cases like these. 


How Baneylaw, P.C. Bankruptcy and Consumer Law Can Help You


Nathan D. Baney is a bankruptcy attorney who also deals with cases of identity theft and debt collection abuse. Fighting for the rights of consumers for years, he is well-versed in the laws that protect you from companies and third-party collectors who will take advantage of you and your situation. 

Seek help from an expert who is committed to ensuring you get back on track with your finances. Contact Baneylaw, P.C. Bankruptcy and Consumer Law today.

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