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All You Need to Know Before Going to The Chesapeake Children’s Museum

Museums are important to all people, but especially for children. They can develop their lives in many different ways. The Chesapeake Children’s Museum is one of those institutions. It focuses on teaching children new facts in fun and inspiring surroundings.

Many children’s museums are located in major travel and tourism destinations. The Chesapeake Children’s Museum is located in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland. Just a little fact, though before you explore The Chesapeake Children’s Museum. Annapolis is the capital of the state of Maryland. It’s located near the Chesapeake Bay. If you and your kids are in the area, take time to visit the museum and the surrounding places. It’s full of face-to-face fun!

The mission of Chesapeake Children’s Museum is to make an atmosphere of discovery about oneself, the people who live in the community, and the natural sciences that lives on the Chesapeake Bay area for the children and for the children in you.

You will notice that the walls are brightly painted and it provides a striking background for the shelves that are filled with books, game boards, wooden blocks and other exhibits. All the educational displays are about rocks, animals, and geography.

You and your children will also have lots of dress-up opportunities.Here kids strap on 12-foot cloth”dinosaur tails”and imagine themselves as Tyrannosaurus Rex. They make clay molds of otter, deer and duck tracks.They play a game guessing animal sounds. And the littlest visitors can smack at soft fabric fishes hanging from the ceiling in the”Minnows” play area.

You and your children can also inspect the live animals’ habitat section. There is a python, several turtles, a bearded dragon. A staff member will even remove the python and the bearded dragon from its enclosure. That’s really an up close and personal experience which you will never forget!

Exploring further, you will come upon a room that is stocked to simulate a doctor and dentist’s office. You will be delighted to see kids dressed up in white lab coats in which they pretend to use medical instruments. Beside the dental chair is a painted mural that identifies the organs of the human body.

Next to this room is stage with curtain. Yes, this is were live performances are held. Children often play make-believe in this room. There’s a scaled-down tugboat ship. Some kids will put on rubber boots and yellow life jackets and pretend that they are sailing on a ship.

There’s still a lot to see and experience in Chesapeake Children’s Museum. You just need to reveal the surprises yourself to make it more thrilling. Same goes with the beautiful city of Annapolis, Maryland. So, better plan your trip as early as possible and have a great time.


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