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Revel In The Natural Force Of Broad Creek Park Annapolis MD

Annapolis MD

Go for a quick, but sweet escape! This is one of the best things you can do when you’re caught up in a hectic schedule.

When you need to restore your energy, nothing is more delightful and relaxing than being one with nature once in a while. Wouldn’t you agree?

Vacant your schedule this weekend and go for a short drive to Annapolis, Maryland. Apart from its historic feels brought by the classic architecture, there are lots of parks which offer different kinds of fun.

One park you should really include in your vacation list is Broad Creek Park. You can enjoy the park from dawn until dusk. What to see and do?


Breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all your stress! Imagine yourself walking along a peaceful trail under the cool shade of trees. Refreshing, right?

Well, you should really drop by the Broad Creek park and experience the 4.7-mile loop trail. The trail offers an average hike of which both hiking enthusiasts and those who are not can enjoy. Along the way, you can also spot a lake and streams, making the journey more serene.

Is it okay to tag along your furry friend? Definitely, yes! You can expect to pass by a wooded area, a not so well-paved parts of the road, and a few hills. It can be a little tiring, but it’ll be worth it.


Pack some snacks and some goods to grill, and bring the whole family, your friends or maybe your lover. It’s time to go picnic at the Broad Creek Park! Both adults and children can have a good time since there are designated playgrounds and an area to play some sports.

Since you’re already in the Broad Creek Park, why don’t you explore the other parks as well? There is:

Quiet Waters Park

The park offers a 5.1-mile paved loop trail making the stroll or run more convenient and relaxing. With this, you can also bring a furry companion. What makes the walk more meaningful is the beautiful scenery and some gardens along the way. Moreover, you can look forward to seeing some wildlife such as different kinds of birds and a deer, if you’re lucky enough. If you want to bring your car, you have to pay for parking near the park.

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

This is one of the best trails to experience when you’re in Annapolis. You can say that Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a two-in-one trail because it offers a journey where you get to see both the historic neighborhood and the picturesque nature view of Annapolis.

Brace yourself for a quick and sweet escape! You only need to pack light and bright, and just invite some family and friends for a more memorable getaway. Besides, you can always drop by on one of the stores, markets or shops in Annapolis before you head to the Broad Creek Park.

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