Reaffirmation Agreement Failure and Creditor Identity

In re Rodriguez; Case No. 07-13577-RGM; March 3rd, 2008

This matter was before the court on a proposed reaffirmation agreement under §524 that was not fully completed.  Therefore the court determined that the reaffirmation was not effective.  This case also pointed to an interesting issue of the juridical person who is the creditor.  The court noted that the reaffirmation identifies “Branch Banking & Trust Company or one of its affiliates (hereafter collectively BB&T)” and then the reaffirmation was signed by Pretice Faircloth, who identified himself as “Asst. Vice President” under the name “BB&T Bankruptcy,” which the court notes does not appear to be a juridic entity and there is nothing else to indicate that Mr. Faircloth is authorized to enter into a reaffirmation agreement on behalf of the specific creditor to whom the debtor is indebted.