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Month: July 2016

Authorized user of credit card gets negative info deleted


Johnson v. MBNA Am.Bank, NA, 357 F.3d 426 (4th Cir. 2004) This case involved Linda Johnson, who sued MBNA for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for failing to conduct a reasonable investigation of Johnson’s dispute concerning an MBNA account appearing on her credit report. At issue was a Mastercard account opened in 1987.  It is undisputed that Johnson’s ex-husband was one of the applicants.  MBNA claims that Johnson was a co-applicant with her ex-husband (“Slater”) while Johnson maintains that she was merely an authorized user. Slater filed for bankruptcy and MBNA removed his name from the account. MBNA contacted Johnson and informed her that she was responsible for the $17,000.00 balance.  After being informed of this, Johnson attempted to set up a reduced payment plan. She obtained her credit report from the three credit reporting agencies and filed disputes with each one.    The credit bureaus sent automated…Read More