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Arundel Olympic Swim Center

Being the heart of Maryland, Arundel surely has lots of entertainment to offer. It’ll give you a roller coaster of emotions because of the community’s diverse facets, including history, delightful dining, nature and adventure. Speaking of adventure–Arundel offers the heart of its entertainment, which is the Arundel Olympic Swim Center.

Enjoy an enormous swimming facility…

The center offers a large public indoor swimming pool where the temperature can be controlled for different weather. Other features include a poolside spa, diving boards and locker rooms. You can also bring a handicapped family member because the facility has features to cater to their special needs. Swimming time…

The good news is, you can go to Arundel Olympic Swim Center any day of the week. Just make sure to inquire to look up online what specific time they open and close.

How much is it to enjoy the Arundel Olympic Swim Center?

There are admission feels to be able to use the facility in the center. You can find their contact information online and call them since the fee varies for seniors, adults, persons with disability and active military members. Can you bring your little ones?

Children that are 3 years old and above are very welcome. Just make sure they already know how to use the toilet on their own because swimming diapers are prohibited.

Lockers are available–and a shower…

You can always bring extra clothing and swimwear with you since you can use one of the lockers available in the center. However, you have to bring your own lock.

There’s a shower for everyone. Just make sure to accompany your little ones and seniors to avoid accidents.

Other offers..

Since it is best to go swimming during summer, Arundel Olympic Swim Center offers yearly summer camps including art camp, aquatics camp, biking camp, golf camp, dance camp, skateboard camp, sports camp, summer day camp, tennis camp, yoga camp, etc.

What are the major rules you should remember?

-Pay before you use the pool or any facility.
-Do not use the pool if there’s no lifeguard around. This is for your own safety.
-Make sure to take a shower before going into the pool.
-Smoking is strictly not allowed within the Arundel Olympic Swim Center’s premises.
-You are not allowed to bring food, drinks and pets in the pool, pool deck and locker rooms.
-You are not allowed to enter the pool if you have a communicable disease such as influenza, athlete’s foot and open wound.
-You should wear appropriate swimwear.
-You are not allowed to use any float support device for such as life vests and life belts.

There are still a lot of rules. You can look up online or call the center. This way, you can fully prepare for a whole lot of fun without ruining it. The Arundel Olympic Swim Center is just one facet of Arundel. You should really come and explore more of its beauty.

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