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Experience Annapolis Towne Centre’s Fusion

“What’s there to see in Annapolis Towne Centre?” This is not the right question.


You should ask, “what should you see or do first in Annapolis Towne Centre?”


The community is the bridge between the vibrant culture and modern commerce of Annapolis. It’s a very ideal place to dine, shop, and celebrate with your loved ones during your vacation. But if you want to be one with nature, you can always explore the natural side of Annapolis and just end the day with a delightful mean in one of the restaurants in Towne Centre.


What does the Annapolis Towne Centre have for you?


1. Dining

Are you in the mood for seafood? How about sweets? Annapolis Towne Center has it all for your unique palate and changing preferences.


You can find a coffee and tea place, fast food restaurants for your burger craving, pizza, barbecue, eatery, steakhouse, local seafood restaurant, etc.


2. Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping?Well, most people do. But, be more strict with your budget when you’re on vacation.


Annapolis Towne Centre offers a wide selection of shopping services including home fashions, fitness and beauty (spa, salon, vein clinic), apparel and footwear for all ages, accessories, specialty shops, and convenient services. There are even commercial services.


3. Nightlife near Annapolis Towne Centre

Want to see the vibrancy of Annapolis during evenings? Enjoy live music at night around with local performances or listen to a local artist while eating a delicious at a restaurant.

Can you go bar-hopping? You definitely can, just don’t get drunk. There’s actually a cocktail trail you can follow and enjoy different twists in your drinks.


4. A touch of history

Want to drop for a learning of the Annapolis’ past? You can drive around and visit Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial, Banneker-Douglass Museum, Thurgood Marshall Memorial, Historic Annapolis Foundation, and Historic London Town and Gardens.


5. A side trip fun

Do you want to include an exciting activity in your Annapolis Towne Center itinerary? Don’t worry. Just a short trip away and you can reach Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake.


Bring the whole gang and experience a whole lot of real life fun just in one setting. Make sure to ride the pirate ship or let the youngsters expand their imagination by living the life as a pirate. The adventure includes treasure hunting and water cannon firing.


They also cater to birthday parties and offer field trips for groups.

6. A side trip nature appreciation

Relax and enjoy a peaceful moment at William Paca Garden. It’s a true colonial beauty! Thanks to the efforts of the people who restored the garden, it is open for public enjoyment and used as a venue for different celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.


The site is currently managed by the State of Maryland Historic Annapolis.


How does an Annapolis trip sounds like? Tempting, right? Well, no need to hold back because you are always welcome to visit the community and uncover its unique fusion yourself.


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