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Advantages of Hiring a Credit Report Attorney

One thing for sure, if you decide to resolve credit errors on your own – it would not be easy.


Embarking on the area of credit reporting without enough in-depth knowledge and experience would only complicate your credit status. To fix your credit, you need to know firsthand your rights as a consumer as well as how to protect them in case your creditors will decide to sue you.


Will you have spare time to study all your legal rights, make necessary phone calls to credit bureaus, negotiate with creditors and at the same time manage your household?


You don’t have to fight alone and carry all the burdens brought by your credit report mistakes. The sole reason credit report attorneys exist is to help people like you who are facing credit troubles.


There’s nothing to worry about when hiring an attorney, in fact, it is the wisest thing to do when the legalities are involved, specifically, cleaning up your credit report.


How does a Credit Repair Attorney help you?


Credit report attorneys focus on credit and consumer protection area of the law.

  • They are responsible in dealing with the three major bureaus and creditors namely Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, to improve the credit scores of their clients.
  • Part of their duty also is to challenge negative entries on your report, initiate the dispute process to remove mistakes, negotiate with the creditors on your behalf to finish with favorable repayment agreements on your behalf.
  • If you are having a hard time what step to take next, they can give you helpful advice and can discuss probable consequences of a certain option you prefer.
  • Report monitoring is another service a credit report attorney can give you. They do this to track and notify you of any changes and progress in your credit report.


Avoid bad credit report attorneys…

  • First things first, an attorney should have a professional license and maintains high ethical standards.
  • It is most commendable to hire an attorney whom you met personally than just the one you found online. Yet, conduct an interview beforehand to know more about his/her ability and character, and if it matches you and your case.


You might be thinking that hiring a lawyer is a just a waste of money. Yes, it can be a little expensive, but not a waste of money because it is the most effective and efficient method to get through your credit problems smoothly and quickly. It is worth your trust, money, and time.


Think of this – a one-time payment of an attorney or take the risk of a possibility to be denied of a job or a loan in the future just because you did not fully fix your report?


Looking for an honest and reliable group of attorneys? Come to Baneylaw, P.C. at Parkway Suite 300, 1997 Annapolis Exchange, Annapolis, MD 21401. Our years of professional experience in the legal world are what makes us strive to continue providing top service to our clients.


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