5 Signs You Need to Walk Away from a Bad Lawyer

Just like any relationship, when something is not working out, it’s probably time for you to look for someone else, especially when that person is handling your legal cases.


Legal disputes are oftentimes long and stressful, so you should find a person who you can truly rely on and who you can get along with. Especially with bankruptcy cases wherein you need someone who can empathize with your situation and work closely with you to get back on your feet, you need someone who will fight for you.


However, in this sea of options, there will be times when you will encounter someone who might not be the right fit for you or might not give you their extra 150 percent in commitment to win your case or resolve your disputes. Before you go further into any of your legal procedures, it’s best that you see the signs earlier in your professional relationship.


In our years of handling numerous clients, our lawyers at Baneylaw, P.C.,  have heard many of them talk about their experiences with different lawyers. They’ve talked about reasons why it didn’t work out and why they had to part ways.


With that, we highly encourage you to get to know your lawyer first before agreeing to have them handle your case. Before you ask them to fully commit to you, beware of the red flags that signify you probably need to look for a new one:


They leave unanswered phone calls or emails


Communication is one crucial aspect of any relationship. If they aren’t always keen on answering their phone or checking their emails, how are you sure they’ll be there for you every step of the way? Most lawyers are probably too busy handling other cases or uncertain on how to handle some. Should that be the case, find an attorney who is a hundred percent hands-on in helping you or who is experienced in handling cases similar to yours.


They have a poor attitude

They say you shouldn’t judge anyone based on their first impression, but when it comes to business, don’t take any chances. If at your first meeting, the lawyer is already showing their bad habits, such as showing up late or mistreating their employees, then we suggest that you look for other options. Even if it’s someone with a reputation in the community, you should find someone who values their clients and peers.


They have unhappy employees


As mentioned above, no matter how smart they are in coming up with ideas to resolve your case, if they mistreat their employees, how can be sure that they can treat their clients well consistently? If there’s poor communication between the staff and the lawyer, it might reflect in how he interacts with his clients as well, so always keep a close eye on how he treats his staff. With the internet, you can also search online for reviews and comments regarding the law firm.


They have a disorderly office

Nothing turns you off more than cluttered office space. When their office spaces are messy, it may be a sign of inefficiency and disorganization. Even if the lawyer assures you that he can handle your case, would you be willing to risk losing any important document or miss a deadline? Perhaps not.


They overbill or excessively bill you

Hiring lawyers can be pricey, unless you’re under a pro bono case. Therefore, if you’re paying for your lawyer, we highly suggest that you get a rundown of their fees. Know that when lawyers overbill, they’re inflating the time it took to do the task. This is also called “padding time.” Find a lawyer who is honest with their time and rates, so it’s not a burden on your pocket and you won’t have any problems in the future.

What we’ve listed are just some of the signs to look out for. Are you in need of a bankruptcy lawyer in Annapolis, MD to handle your case? You can guarantee that our lawyers are reliable and are fully committed to helping you resolve your disputes. They’re with you every step of the way.


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