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3 Signs When To Replace Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Replacing a bankruptcy attorney should be the last thing on your mind. It will not only cause additional expenses, it will also delay the legal proceeding. Which would mean, more work, more stress, and longer agony?

There will be circumstances of misunderstandings between you and your attorney. At times you can settle it, but there are also times that you can’t, especially if the attorney commits a fraud or misconduct. Thus, the best recourse is to fire and replace your attorney.

What drawbacks will push you to replace your bankruptcy attorney? Firing your legal counsel should be the last thing in mind, but you seriously need to replace him or her if:

  1. An attorney Doesn’t Return Your Calls or Respond to Your Emails

The bankruptcy process involves a lot of filling out forms and disclosing detailed financial information to the court.

An effective communication between the bankruptcy attorney and his or her client is crucial. It is not a good thing if the legal counsel doesn’t return your calls, respond to your emails, or give an update about what’s going on in your case. You need to have someone who is dedicated to making you feel secure by keeping you on track about the progress.

  1. An attorney Doesn’t Have the Necessary Expertise

If your bankruptcy attorney lacks knowledge and does can’t catch up easily about court orders, then it’s time to think twice. He or she will not be efficient in handling your case.

Remember, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is different from a much complex Chapter 13 case. The reasons could vary. He or she is just new to the practice. He or she is practicing outside her designated area of expertise. An attorney should be versatile since every bankruptcy case is different and may have its own challenges.

  1. An attorney Misses or late to Court Appointments and Deadlines.

Does your bankruptcy attorney missed some appointments or court hearings? Does he or she missed filing deadlines with the court? It is a big red flag if the counsel is always a no-show on scheduled case appointments. The failure to appear before the court can cause a lot of unnecessary delays or even worse, result in dismissal of your case.

Remember also that when a case is filed, there are various deadlines that must not be taken for granted. It is your bankruptcy attorney’s duty to know the deadlines and make sure that they are met. If he or she fails to meet all required deadlines, your case may get dismissed or suffer other adverse consequences.

When hiring a new bankruptcy attorney, you should make sure that he or she handles bankruptcy cases on a daily basis. He or she knows the in and out of the rules and protocols in your court’s area. He or she possesses the skills and experience to defend your case. He or she will charge only a reasonable fee at your expense and can communicate effectively.


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