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3 Signs When To Replace Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Sometimes, their reputation is just too good to be true. When you ask help from a well-known bankruptcy attorney in your area, it’s probably because he or she was a referral from a family or friend. Other times, it’s probably because their firm is well-advertised, so that’s where you based their credibility from. 


Whichever, way you found out about them, it doesn’t change the fact that they have been letting you down in terms of service and commitment. 


So what are the tell-tales you might need to part ways with your current bankruptcy attorney?


  • They Don’t Return Your Calls or Respond to Your Emails

As mentioned in our previous blog, if over time they aren’t consistent in providing you the service that you need, it might be time to look for other legal options. 


The bankruptcy process involves a lot of forms to fill out and a lot of discussion about your financial information to the court. If your legal counsel isn’t around to give you the advice and supervision that you need during these proceedings, it could prolong the whole process. You need to have a bankruptcy attorney who is dedicated to making you feel secure by updating you on your process with the court. 


  • They Don’t Have the Necessary Expertise to Resolve Your Case


If your current bankruptcy attorney lacks knowledge and can’t easily catch up with court orders, then it’s probably time to search for a more seasoned professional. That’s because they’re probably not efficient enough to handle your case. 


It’s important to note that they should be able to identify the difference between Chapter 7 bankruptcy from a much complex Chapter 13 case. Furthermore, they should be able to adjust to handling the new complexities that may come in every bankruptcy case they handle. Not only that, they should be familiar with every procedure and are knowledgeable in ways on how to resolve each case. 


  • They’ve Missed or Have Been Late to Court Appointments and Deadlines

Did your bankruptcy attorney miss any of your appointments or court hearings? Have they missed any deadlines in court? Then, this should be your signal to walk away and look for a more competent attorney with proper time management and a good work ethic. 


Know that if your lawyer fails to appear before the court, it can cause a lot of unnecessary delays, or worse, it can result in the dismissal of your case. Also, you should be aware that when your bankruptcy case is filed before the court, various deadlines must be met. Your bankruptcy attorney must keep track of these deadlines and make sure the needed documents are submitted on time. Should they forget to meet all the required deadlines, your case could get dismissed or other adverse consequences could be established. 


Are any of these happening to you? Perhaps a bankruptcy attorney in Annapolis MD can be of help. At Banelaw, P.C., Bankruptcy and Consumer Law, we have lawyers who have helped numerous individuals resolve their bankruptcy cases and help them get back on their feet. 


This could be you, too! You can guarantee that our bankruptcy attorneys are fully committed to every case and are always ready to serve you. 

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